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On A light side of things this is a Web site for Children to College age Links to expand the mind, always striving to link only to great sites or sites that show moral values. This site is a maze of wealth of information please go thru and find your entertainment.

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4Kids - New 3-1-98

... A+ Research And Writing For High School & College Students ...

Allmath -

my youngest daughter really likes the math flash cards - updated April 1, 1999

Amazon Bookstore for Kids - added May, 1998

American Computer Experience - added May, 1998

... American Girl ...

American Musem of Natural History

Preview special exhibits about diamonds, explore world famous fossil halls or expeditions dinosaurs and birds. Added May 23, 1998

... Angel's ... this is a great website has bible verses and a lot about Angel's, an more being added.

Arllington Christian School's -

Science Camp - May, 1998

The Art History Research Centre

... BabyCenter...

... Baby Names...


BANAP is a insect star of a heroic ant who must defend his colony from attack, 12 chapters takes a little while to load but the graphics are worth the wait. Updated 6-29-98

Barbie, & ClueLess, Plus other Mattel Media Toys

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - updated 10-27-1998

... The Official Beanie Baby List & More...

Berenstain Bear Country - updated 6-28-98

Bible Baby Names - May, 1998

The Biology Project

Bugs Bunny - Warner Bros. Webpage updated June 1998

Camp Invention - May, 1998

Camp Woodmont

summer camp for boys and girls, in Cloudland, Georgia. - added May, 1998

Camp Winding Gap- added May, 1998

... Castles of the World - Visit hundreds of castles worldwide! All ages.

Calvin & Hobbes Jumpstation



- Learn the fundamentals of chemistry in a fun setting. Added 8/24/98

General Chemistry Online! - updated 10-27-1998

... Children's Bible Hour -

Sponsored by the Gospel Communications network, this family site contains audio files of its well-know radio broadcasts, stories, devotionals, Bible studies, and a fun lively "Kids Talk!" section where kids can swap viewpoints. For all ages.

The Children's Bookstore - added 3-1-98

Children Healthcare of Atlanta - Added October 20, 1999

... Christian Answers Net Work

for Moms, Dads, & KIDS...

Children's Storybooks - added 3/20/98

CIA '97 World Factbook - updated 10-27-1998

Circus Camp -

Triple Trapeze, Face Painting, Juggling, Magic, Acrobatics & much more. Added May, 1998

Links in and about Cobb County, Georgia -

This web site has lot's of children and youth links under Cobb County Schools

Colonial Hall - List of all the people who signed the declartion of Independence. This site is a must see if you are looking for information on the people how signed or information about our country beginning.

added October 5, 2002

Computer Science Undergraduate Tutor Service - updated 10-27-1998

... Common Sense Parenting ...

Computer Camp -

Emory University - MIT - Stanford - added May, 1998

CTG Family Workshop - Games and activity ideas, preschool, parents, and much more. Added October 20, 1999

The World of Curious George - updated 6-28-98

CyberSpace Musuem of Natural History & Exploration Technology - added May 23, 1998

CyberSurfari-Jungle of good links. Sent to me by Lycos. New June 20, 1999

Daily Parent - added May, 1998

Danielle's Place-Crafts - Added October 20, 1999 Added February 26, 2003

Disney - Flubber - updated June 17, 1998

DJenerate - Added October 24, 1999

Drama Camps at Hobbit Hall - added May, 1998

DLTK's Crafts for Kids - patterns for making animals, holiday crafts, and other crafts. Step for step instructions. Added October 20, 1999

... Early Childhood ...

Education World - updated 10/24/1998

ICE: Internet Connections for Engineering - updated 10-27-1998

The Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Main Page - updated 10-27-1998

The World Factbook -

prepared by the C.I.A. Central Intelligence Agency - added 8-1-98

... - Reference for familes, backed by 100+ parenting magazines!


... Georgia Prekindergarten Program ...

... Globalearn - Travel the world with an expedition team! Ages 7+

Guide to Grammar and Writing - updated 10-27-1998

Mr. Jenkins' History Links - updated 10-27-1998

... IDEA BOX ...

IDEAL: International Digital Electronic Access Library - updated 10/24/98

Images Son Marine - Snorkeling,, Suba, Dive Center - May, 1998

Indian Territory -

Learn about the present day culture and issues that pertain to Native Americans - added 5-3-98

Infonation - updated 10-27-1998

Information Please - updated 10-27-1998

Internet Public Library -updated


Jason's Snake and Reptiles -updated 8/24/98

... K-12 on the Internet, for parents and teachers...

Kids Corner - site specializes in rainforests. Updated 8/24/98

Kids Korner -updated 8/24/98 Newfoundland public library system

KidsPub -

More than 11,000 stories written by kids, from all over the world. Updated 7-14-98

Kidspace - most for toddlers thru 4th grade, coloring pages, slider puzzles, jokes, sticker books and connect the dots. Added October 20, 1999

Kid's Wave - over 7 pages of links if printed out!!!

Added 3/21/98

Kids Way - Magazine -November 26, 1998

... Kids' Quest - Learn about our Creator by exploring His world! Geared for ages 5+


... Kidz-Net ... Kids page with Bible bases fun!...

...Kinder Net...

Koala Trouble

9 interactive stories, adventures with a koala. Updated 6-29-98

Abraham Lincoln Online -

Lincoln speeches, writing, resources for research, special events and more. 8-31-98

... Little Angel's Doll Creations - Home Page...

Litte Explorerers - added May, 1998

The Magic School Bus -updated 6-29-98

The Math Forum Student Center - updated 10-27-1998

... Math and Science Gateway:

From astronomy to zoology, this grab bag of gateways delivers linked resources in mathematics and sciences to high school students and teachers.

S.O.S. MATHematics - updated 10-27-1998

... Mike's Page of Baby Names ...

Mindspring's Kids Corner - Added - May, 1998

Sibelius Academy: Music Resources - updated 10-27-1998

My Virtual Reference Desk -updated 8-1-98

PBS - Mr. Rogers Neighborhood -

Delivers activites, advice, to parents and books updated 7-14-98

National Basket Association-NBA-updated 7-14-98

National Computer Camp -

Ages 8 to 18 Added - May, 1998

National Geographic page for kids, with amazing facts, cartoon factory and more -updated 8/24/98

National Museum of Natural History

Hologlobe Project see earth the way astronauts see it, Arctic wildlife, and databases about subjects from Anthropological to the zoological. Added - May 23, 1998

Natural History Museum of London -

3D-surround videos, trilobites, the first known fossils with eyes, Life and Earth Galleries - added May 23, 1998

Natural History Museums and Collections -

Natural history exhibits from National Science Museum in Japan to Botanical Gardens in Croatia - added May 23, 1998

National Wildlife Federation

updated July 31, 1998

Nest Entertainment/dpadgett

New Testament-Old Testament-Hero Classic Video Tape's - rev. February 19, 2000

New Moon -updated July 31, 1998

Nickelodeon Online -updated 7-14-98

OneLook Dictionaries -- updated 10/24/1998

The Online Books Page - updated 10/24/1998

... Parental Control of the Internet - ...

Get your free filtering software here!

... Panda - Kids-Wildlife Page ...

... Parent Soup ...

Parents find support/friendship/information here.

... Parent Zone ...

P.B.S. - Arthur, Sesame Street, Nova, History, and much more. Updated 7-14-98

The Peter Rabbit Web Site-updated 6-28-98

TIPTOP: The Internet Pilot to Physics - updated 10-27-1998

Pitsco's Ask an Expert -updated 8-1-98

... Pitter Patter ...

Crafts/games/activities for age 3-5.

Pooh Corner - updated 6-28-98

Pooh's Yellow Pages -updated 6-28-98

... The Pre School Page ...

The Land of Quotes - updated 10-27-1998

Research-It! - updated 10-27-1998

... ResearchPaper ...

Help with style, grammar, and citing electronic resources.

Research Papers - updated 10-27-1998

Visit Bill Nye - the Science Guy -updated 8/24/98

a Science Odyssey - added 5-3-98

Science Learning Network - updated 10-27-1998

... Sesame Street Web Site ....

Seussville - updated 6-28-98

Simply Science for Kids - added 3-1-1998

SmartKidsSoftware - Added 3-1-1998


help for parents with children on the internet ...

Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of Natural History added 5-3-97

Solar System Simulator - NASA - added 5-3-98

CitingSourcesfrom the WWW- updated 10-27-1998

Sports Illustrated for Kids -

bases on children's magazine and includes sports news, along with games, trivia challenges and positive stories. 7-14-98

Story Brook Lane - updated 6-29-98

StudyWeb -

General Reference - updated 10/24/1998

SunKids added May, 1998

... Super Kids, for parents and teachers ...

Teaching and Learning on the WWW - undated 10/24/1998

Teel Family Home Education - Added October 20, 1999

Web Thesaurus Compendium - updated 10-27-1998

ToonaCat -

Tribes of the Americas

Summer Camp 1998, added May, 1998

... Troll - Student Book Club News ...

... Trudy Potter's - Easy Reading Program ...

... Ultimate WWW TV - Children List ...

...University of Oregon, great for parents...

Upper Room - Youth Page at New Salem Church

... Warner Brothers Cartons Web Page...

Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project

- Getting Class: Subjects A-Z - updated 10-27-1998

.... Web Sites for Children and Youth ...

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

Camp and Conference Center, ages 9 thru 18 ACA Accredited Camp - added May, 1998>

... WonderKorner - A Place for Curious Kids - Bring your curious questions here and return for answers. Ages 5+.

WorldLearning - AuPair Homestay USA- added May, 1998

World Net Service - For Kids - New

YouRuleSchool - added February 18, 1999

Zeeks- is a fun place for kids to hang out. Create projects online, has a game section for arcade games, board games, puzzles, plus much more. added October 20, 1999

BIOSIS: Internet Resource Guide for Zoology - updated 10-27-1998

Be Your Friend

The Son

Three Trees

Two Traveling Angles
Bible Trivia

Bible Verses

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