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Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia is about facts of the Bible some little know or some that are giving incorrectly, by only telling part of the story.

When you find the correct answer please E-Mail me and we will see if mine and your answer is the same.

(1) How many sons did Adam and Eve have? What were their names?

The best place to look for this answer is in the book of Genesis starting in chapter 3.

The answer for (1) 3 sons Cain and Abel, then later Adam an Eve had Seth. Genesis 4:25 Adam was a 130 yrs old when he had Seth.

(2) How old was Adam when he died?

Adam lived to be 930 yrs old. See Genesis 5:5

(3) How many years is there from Adam to the flood when Noah built the ark?

(3-A) Was Adam and Noah alive at the same time?

Noah was 600 years 2nd month and the same day old when the flood started. Genesis 7 vs 11.

(4) How many of every living thing did Noah put in the Ark?

(5) What is Noah's wife name?

Please let me know if you find it in the bible what book and verse. I have ask around an a friend of mind gave me a book that had her name. According to a book written by Warren Ludwig - OLD NOAH'S ELEPHANTS states that Noah's wife name is Emzara.

(6) How many son's did Noah have? What were their names?

(7) How long were they in the Ark?

(8) What animal's or bird's did Noah send out to see if it was ok to let everything out of the Ark, after the flood?

(9) What was Abraham name before GOD changed it?

(10) What was Abraham wife (Sarah) name before GOD changed it?

(11) What happened to Lot's wife, when Lot and his wife left Sodom and Gomorrah?

(12) How was the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed?

(13) What city did Lot flee to?

(14) What did Abraham and Sarah tell the king of Gerar that Abraham was her husband or her brother?

(15) In Genesis Chapter 20 what was the dream that king of Gerar had?

(16) What was Abraham's son, Isaac wife's name? What country did she come from?

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