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Art & Book - Links:

... AMCAL ...


... Baker Books ...

... Barnes and Noble Books ...

... Books Stacks UnLimited ...

The Butler Institute of American Art


...Musee Du Louvre ...

large graphic images are spectacular and big 3/20/98

National Gallery of Art

over 100,000 paintings, sculptures, and much more may be viewed


... Smithsonian ...

Galleria Degi Uffizi

Florence Italy 3/20/98

... InterVarsity Press - Paper Back Books ...

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Calendar Links:-

Updated July 6, 1998

Today's Date and Time

The Old Farmers Almanac


World Holiday & Time Guide

American Secular Holidays Calender

American Calendar

Britannica's Lives

D.T.'s Today in All Kinds of History Datebook!

Ecclesiastical Calendar

This Day in History

The Metric Calendar

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Christian Web Sites:

Home pages, Christian Magazines, Christian Commercial Sites, and then other favorite sites:

... Angel's ... This is a great website.

... Baptist Sunday School Board ...

Also have many other links to resources you or your church could use - NEW

... Best of the Christian Web ...


... Billy Graham ...

CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network

... Christian Internet Community .

... Christian Coalition Web Site ...

... Christian Financial expert LARRY BURKETT'S - Money Matters newsletter ...

... Christian Resource Index;

for biblical information and study materials

... EarthWatch ...

... Family Christian Stores - Book Stores ...

... Growing Families International;

Christian- oriented material on raising children ...

... Guideposts ...

Christian Mag

... International Mission Board

f/k/a Foreign Mission Board - Prayer Line - 1-800-395-PRAY - NEW

... John Brown University ...

... National American Mission Board ...

They have many great links check them out.

... Persecuted Church Web Site Info ....

... Promise Keepers -Christian Mens movement back to God and Family ...

... Regent University - School of Business...

... TYNDALE ...

... United World Mission ...

... Women of Faith - the Joyful Journey ...

New Salem Church

The Cove Camp -

Billy Graham Training Center



Bible study resources, Baptist Books & more - NEW


ABCNews the 20th Century

a look at the last 99 years - updated 11/1/1998

10 Websites that women are the highest percent of vistiors.











>Visit WinFiles.com Now!!</font> - To download programs. </h3>

<p align=

BRS Web Radio - added 5-8-98

1100 Internationl & Net-only radio stations -

... Corbis Web Page ...

... Expedia.com ...

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Election Links:


Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division Elections in other States YaHoo Georgia Election
All Politics CNN Elections Political Nation by ABCNews
Politically Incorrect AccessAtlanta-Elections & News Campaign for Working Families (CWF)updated July 16, 2004

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Fishing Links:

The World of Fishing The Fishing Network
The McKenzie Page - Fishing Flyfishing.com
Field And Stream updated 11-6-1998 Air Stream - International updated June 2, 1999

Public Television Service

Georgia Public Television

Hot Coupons -

From this link you can get coupons from grocery stores to car repairs and many, many, more. -

Jas Townsend & Son Catalog

American Revolution War to Civil War clothes plus much, much more.

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Jobs on Line:


Georgia Department of Labor America's Job Bank Georgia State Merit System
CareerPath - Looking for a Job

... Kodak Pictures ...

Mortage rates:

Our Privacy Vow

Mortgage Rate Information -

Compare over 11,000 financial institutions in 175 metro cities for the best rates and other information

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NASA Links:

NASA - Space Shuttel Kennedy Space Center- NASA - added 5-28-98 Kennedy Space Center - NASA - added 5-28-98
John Glenn Returns to Space- NASA-Index

National Geographic

[ The Official Olympic Site]

[ NBC Olympics Site]

[ NBC Site Olympics Great photos, this might surprise you tell me if you like the effects.

[BBC Olympic Site

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Princess Diana of Wales Links:

... BBC - Princess Diana of Wales ... ... People Magazine - Princess Diana of Wales ... ... CNN - Princess Diana of Wales Links ...

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[Most popular 10 sites on the web are!]











MindSpring - Internet Provider

National Law Enforcement Officers - Memorial Fund

News, Visit the Memorial, Law Enforcement History, and more

ODMP- The Officer Down Memorial Page

Police Officer Internet Directory

... Federal Express ...

... UPS - United Parcel Service - Tracking Package Page ...

... Wal Mart Online ...

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City Links:

Acworth Police Department

Acworth Georgia-

Webpage designed by a dear friend Johnnie Lacy
Albany, Georgia Alpharetta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia Augusta, Georgia Bainbridge, Georgia Byron, Georgia
Columbus, Georgia Dahlone, Georgia Dawsonville, Georgia Decatur, Georgia
Douglasville, Georgia Smyrna, Georgia

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County Links:

... Bartow County added 8/5/2004 ... Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court-added 12-4-99 ... Cobb County Magistrate Court... ... Cobb County Tax Commissioner ...
Cobb County Links - by Danny Padgett Clayton County, Georgia Gwinnett County, Georgia
Dekalb County, Georgia Atlanta Regional Commission-added 1-2000 ... Gwinnet County Tax Commissioner's Office Web Site ...
Dekalb County Tax Commissioner Fulton County Tax Commissioner Cobb County, Georgia

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State of Florida Links:

Florida Tax Collectors - added 3/18/2004

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State of Georgia Links:

... State of Georgia - Department of Banking and Finance ... ... State of Georgia - Commissioner of Insurance, Safety Fire Commissioner, Industrial Loan Commissioner & Comptroller General ... ... State of Georgia - Department of Motor Vehicle - Insurance Status Does the State of Georgia no you are insured??... Official Code of Georgia - Georgia Net
Passed Legislation-Georgia Rev 11/11/2003
Georgia Public Service Commission Georgia Probate Court Information - added 7/5/2006
... Georgia Drivers Manual 2003 ... Georgia Tax Delinquent Information - Georgia Department of Revenue List of Delinquent Taxpayers Georgia State Web Page
GSCCCA.org - Check liens & Deeds all 159 counties in Georgia

Georgia Department of Revenue - General Information, Motor Vehicles, Property Tax Guide, County Ad Valorem Tax Facts

GEORGIA COUNTIES WITH PROPERTY RECORDS ONLINE - added 3/18/2004 Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division
Elections in other States Alabama
North Carolina Tennessee Florida
South Carolina

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Light House - Favorite Federal Government Links

... U.S. Air Force Web Page ... ... U.S. Air Force Personnel Center Link ...
... U.S. Army Web Page ... ... U.S. Marines Web Page ...

... U.S. Navy Web Page ... ... FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigations ...
... I.R.S. - Internal Revenue Service ... Small Business Administration
Social Security Administration - 7/19/98 Congressional Record Text

Pages citations and bill references - added 2-24-1999

US Supreme Court - added 2-24-99
Library of Congress - added 2-24-99

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Weather Links:

...Georgia Weather & Weather Links ...

CNN Weather Link -


Rain or Shine

National Weather Center - Weather around the World

TV 46 weather Atlanta Traffic,

Sports, Weather, Good Day Atlanta, & News

WSB-TV Channel 2 - updated 5/1/2003

Atlanta, GA. Weather

WeatherPoint - Atlanta, Georgia Area

All 50 States Weather Link

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Are you Ready for FALL!!

Here are some fall colorful webpages for the people who like the outside.

USDA Forest Service NCNatural
Fall in Pennsylvania About.com - Fall foliage This site has so many links I did not count them
State of Maine - Fall Foliage Anatomy of a Leaf
Why Leaves Change Colors Chemistry of Autumn Colors

Other links of LightHousePortal.com:

Be Your Friend

The Son

Three Trees

Two Traveling Angles
Bible Trivia

Bible Verses

Businesses in Cobb County

NCHS-North Cobb High School Class of 1973 webpage
Georgia County(s) Tax Records updated 5/2008
National Parks, State Parks, Light House, and Civil War Links
Children & Youth Links
Car Links
Christmas Story

Seven Cries From the Cross

The True Easter Story
PadgettInvestments.com - Tax Liens and Tax Sales and Tax Consulting

The College Years

The Education Links
Favorite Web Links
National Weather Center - Weather around the World
US-Search Engine PageUSA
World Phone & Search Directories

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