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The Comic Links are placed here because we all need some humor this is a private way to get it, without having to walk out to the end of your driveway and pick up a newspaper. Well I new it had to happen try the new puzzles links. has no control of the content found on the links on this page.

If you find a link that does not belong on this page or you think is not good for children please EMAIL the link will be removed.

Do to the content of some comics PARENTS please look at the comics before your children do, I try to look at the comics for content, but I can not see all. As always if you see a link that is offense I will remove from my website please Email, your comments.

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... Mayberry Melonpool

Geek Humour ...

... Glasbergen - Randy Glasbergen's Daily Toon ...

... Dr. Fun - The Farside of the Internet! ...

... Stahler - Jeff Stahler, The Cincinnati Post ...

Kevin & Kell

Marvel Comics -

the world's largest comic book publisher.

United Media -

online home for Dilbert, the Peanuts gang, and many other comic strips.

... BUZZ the Fly - He's so cute! ...

... SEGA'S COMICS - Featuring -


Sherman's Lagoon - Humour from under the sea ...

updated daily), archives of past strips, backgrounds on the creators, message boards and much more.

Adam, Bliss , Bizarro, Calvin and Hobbes, Cathy, Citizen Dog, Close to Home, (New!>Cornered), Crabby Road, Crankshaft, Doonesbury, Duplex, New!>Feet of Clay, Fluff, Foxtrot, The Fusco Brothers, New!>The Fifth Wave, Garfield, Geech, In the Bleachers, Mister Boffo, Overboard, Pavlov, Real Life Adventures, Second Chances, Stone Soup, Tank McNamara, Tight Corner, New!>Tom the Dancing Bug, Tradin' Paint, Us & Them, Ziggy ... Bizarro - Bizarre indeed ...

... The Borderline ...

Borderline what?

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The next site is just a good cartoon art gallery link.

... Cartoon ART GALLERY ...



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The 21st Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Jumble and Crossword Solver

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