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Padgett Art Gallery

Paintings by the late local artist Lov Padgett. Mrs. Padgett lived in Paulding County, Georgia the last 30 plus years of her life and also lived in Cobb County, Georgia most of her life.

Her paintings reflect lots of the land marks of the local area's. Mrs. Padgett would paint in water color and oils. Below is only a small selection of her paintings and prints. I am very proud to offer the paintings and prints for sell as mom left me with many prints to sell but only a few water color paintings and a few oil paintings are left. Please remember after these are gone there will be no more.

Roses and Pairs on table. N.F. Cost $ 180.00

Sec & Light N.F. Cost $ 125.00
Old Home in Dallas, Georgia N.F. Cost $ 150.00
Lighthouse N.F. Cost $ 100.00
Picture with two birds W.F. Cost $ 75.00
Sherry's Bonquent Print Signed by artist N.F. Cost $ 25.00
Purple Flower W.F. Cost $ 85.00

Sherry's Bonquent Print W.F. Cost $ 125.00

Duck, River and Field N.F. Cost $ 125.00

Lighthouse Picture N.F. Cost $ 150.00

Birds in field of snow N.F. Cost $ 150.00

Water Wheel W.F. Cost $ 125.00 with N.F. Cost $ 80.00

Flowers in Vase W.F. Cost $ 225.00

Lost Mountain Store Matted Cost $ 40.00 with no matting just print with N.F. Cost $ 30.00

Old Car parked out front of Lost Mountain Store W.F. Cost $ 150.00

Acworth Methodist Church which is now a park in Acworth, Georgia N.F. Cost $ 80.00

Duck in snow and river N.F. Cost $ 300.00

LightHouse with pier W.F. Cost $ 300.00

MillHouse with waterfalls W.F. Cost $ 300.00

Duck in river two pictures N.F. Cost $ 150.00

Leaves in front of water N.F. Cost $ 75.00

Barn scene in snow storm N.F. Cost $ 75.00

County Fence and snow scene N.F. Cost $ 75.00

Old Country Barn in snow N.F. Cost $ 75.00

Old County House and snow N.F. Cost $ 75.00

Old House with clothes hanging on clothes line Water color W.F. Cost $ 250.00

Flowers W.F. Cost $ 300.00

Red House and waterfalls and river different size N.F. Cost $ 130.00

LightHouse with boat in scene W.C. and W.F. Cost $ 400.00

Some of the above paintings have been sold some are prints please call for more information.
This is only a small sample of the paintings and prints we have please call for an appointment to see our orginal paintings and prints.

Check back soon for future webpages with lots of good information.

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