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(1) In March of 1905, free delivery of mail in Marietta began.

(2) In 1906, any motorist passing within one hundred yards of a horse or mule working in the field, must turn off the motor and allow the farmer time to unhitch the animal from its plow (you also could not pass by the same animal more than twice in one day).

(3) In 1934 Cobb County had 50 miles of concrete roads. Prior to that time improvements were confined to topsoiling.


(1) What city was also known as Cincinnati Junction?

(2) When was Cobb County's first public election?

(3) How much would it cost you to cross the Chattahoochee River in 1834?

(4) What city left Cobb County to become part of Fulton County?

(5) Who was the first Tax Colletor for Cobb County?

(6) What restaurant off the Square was a cotton warehouse following the Civil War?

(7) There are many "Unknown Hero" graves in the National Cemetary in Marietta. According to local lore, what lies under these tombstones other than Union dead?

(8) What famous Georgia poet & flutist preformed at the Kennesaw House?

(9) What decade saw three fires sweep through the Square in Marietta?

(10) When was Cobb County created?

(11) What was Marietta noted for prior to the Civil War?

(12) What restaurant near the Square housed Sherman's troops while he planned the Burning of Atlanta?

(13) How did Marietta get its name?

(14) What company is credited with industrializing Cobb County in the 20th century?


(1) Austell

(2) 1833 at John Pace's house on Sandtown Road near Noses Creek

(3) $1.00 per loaded wagon; $0.50 per empty wagon; $0.05 per man and $0.03 per head of cattle.

(4) Roswell, on May 9, 1932.

(5) Thomas L. Tanner, 1833-1834.

(6) Captain Billy's Fish House.

(7) Remains of local horses, cows, pigs whose bones were brought in (mixed with uniform remnants and buttons) by local citizens to collect rewards that the Union offered for Federal soldiers' remains that had been buried in unmarked graves.

(8) Sidney Lanier. Several concerts were given by a quartet of which he was a member to raise money for new pews for St. James Episcopal Church.

(9) The 1850's; 1854, 1855, & 1857.

(10) December 3, 1832.

(11) It became a health resort due to the alleged therapeutic benfits of its spring waters.

(12) It was named for Mary Cobb, the wife of Senator Thomas W. Cobb for whom the county was named.

(13) The Kennesaw House.

(14) The Bell Bomber Plant in WWII.

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